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What is a Healthy School Team? The purpose of a Healthy School Team (HST) is to utilize faculty and staff in each school building who are considered leaders in each of the 8 CSH health components in order to identify and address health needs.

Healthy School Teams in Sumner County have focused on 3 goals:

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1. Fighting Obesity: Schools have focused on implementing the Rethink Your Drink (RTYD) campaign in order to educate Sumner County students, staff, and parents of the harmful effects of consuming sugar-sweetened beverages and to encourage healthier beverage options.

Rethink Your Drink coincides with a Tennessee Department of Health - Project Diabetes grant that will provide refillable water bottle stations for every school in Sumner County. Every student and staff member in the county also received a free water bottle through a partnership with the Sumner County Highway Department and a grant from TDOT’s Litter Prevention campaign.

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ReThink Your Drink Resources:
ReThink Your Drink Toolkit
- ReThink Your Drink Staff Presentation PowerPoint
- ReThink Your Drink Posters


2. Staff WellnessHealthy staff are positive health role models for students. Teachers and other school employees are charged with educating and caring for one of our most precious assets – our students. Therefore, it is imperative that school employees are supported in their efforts to stay healthy and active so that they can do their job most effectively.

Healthy School Teams have implemented a staff wellness program at their school.

Wellness opportunities such as health assessments, health and nutrition education, and physical fitness activities can be provided to all school staff, including the administrators, teachers and support personnel, to improve their health status. These opportunities encourage staff to pursue a healthy lifestyle that contributes to their improved health status, improves morale, and promotes a greater personal commitment to the health of students by serving as positive role models. 

Goal Ideas for Staff Wellness include:
1. After school aerobics, yoga, dance classes, fit clubs, etc
2. Staff Fitness Challenges (Weight loss challenge, walking challenge, 30 Day Water Challenge included in the ReThink Your Drink Toolkit, etc)
3. Walk Teams
4. Educational activities for school staff members on healthy lifestyle behaviors, eating, physical activity, and injury prevention.
5. Work with administration and vendors to provide more nutritional options in staff vending machines.
6. Establishment of peer support groups for weight management, stress management, tobacco-use cessation, family guidance, and other identified issues.
7. Time during the school day, such as “release time,” during which teachers and other staff members can participate in health-promoting activities.

3. Choose from CSH Components of Health: This is an opportunity for schools to address a unique health need in their school as identified by their Healthy School Team. Most teams will choose from the components of either Nutrition, Physical Education, or Healthy School Environment. 
Health Education - adding or expanding Comprehensive Health Education 
Health Services - expanding nurse or clinic opportunities at school, asthma program
Nutrition - Community Garden, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Program, Breakfast in Classroom, Grab & Go Breakfast, etc.
Physical Education - Walk Across Sumner, Run/Fit Clubs, etc.
Healthy School Environment - Anti-Bullying campaign
Student, Family, and Community Involvement - backpack food program


Healthy School Team Resources
Healthy School Team Toolkit 2017-2018
Healthy School Team Sample Action Plan


Sumner County Schools is a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers, and school communities.