Sumner County Schools


         Opening / Results
07/14/2016 Light Bulbs      Bid Tabulation
07/14/2016 School Bus Tire's & Batteries      
07/21/2016 Ballistic Vest EMA     Bid Minutes
07/21/2016 Items to Equip Intercepter Utility, Explores & Harley-Davidson Road King Motorcycles      
08/12/2016 399,999 BTU Armor Condensing Commerical Water Heater/ Storage Tank      
08/26/2016 Five (5) Gallon Concentrate Pot & Pan Soap      
09/02/2016 South Water Ave/East Bledsoe Parking Lot Improvements Pavement Project     Bid Tabulation
09/09/2016 Remanufacture Cummins Engine for 2002 Thomas Bus      
09/09/2016 Five (5) Air to Air Heat Pump Units      
09/23/2016 Delivery of Bulk Oil Due date Sept 27,2016Lig      
09/09/2016 Diesel Exhaust Fluid      
09/09/2016 Addition to Station Camp Middle School      
09/16/2016 Pavement Rehabilitation: Sealing and Striping Project      
09/28/2016 Addendum 1 Sealing and Striping Bid # 20160930-CO      
09/16/2016 Courthouse Boiler Project      
09/23/2016 Water Source Heat Pumps      
09/26/2016 Notice to Contractors (Lower Station Camp Creek Phase 1 Greenway      
09/26/2016 Notice to Contractors( Lower Station Camp Creek Phase 3B  Greenway      
10/13/2016 Re-Bid for Two(2) Water Source Heat Pumps      
10/13/2016 Install Server Racks and Cabling      
10/13/2016 MAXAM Telescopic Seating (Bleachers)      
10/28/2016 Automated External Defibrillators      
10/20/2016 Video Laryngoscope      
11/04/2016 Auto Operators for Doors Correction on Date due November 22,2016      
11/14/2016 Classroom Furniture      
12/01/2016 Classroom Furniture Bid Tab      
11/21/2016 Two NVR's      
11/23/2016 Oak Grove EMS HVAC Improvement Project      
11/23/2016 Juvenile Court Boiler Project      
12/02/2016 Re-bid 20161221-Automated Extrnal Defibrillators      
12/02/2016 Softball Scoreboard      
12/12/2016 Scoreboards Correction to bid sheet      
12/02/2016 Sumer County Infrastructure Upgrade      
12/12/2016 Storage Array      
 12/12/2016 Wall Padding upper and lower gym      
12/16/2016 Atheltic Training Equipment      
12/16/2016 2,502 Sq. Ft Coating existing tile/Concrete Bathroom      
01/03/2017 Basketball Score Table Addendum      
12/21/2016 Basketball Score Table      
12/21/2016 Sumner County Antenna      
01/08/2016 Ground Maintenance Equipment       Due Date correction Monday Jan,23,2017      
01/15/2017 Partial Reroofing of Indian Lake Elem School      
01/15/2017 Partial Reroofing of Gallatin High School      
01/20/2017 Contract Mowing Services      Bid Minutes
02/21/2017 Contract Mowing Tabulation     Tabulation
01/20/2017 Document Scanning Services      
02/3/2017 Document Scanning Service Questions & Answers      
01/20/2017 Furniture For Renovation Projects Sumner Co Emergency Communication Center      
1/22/2017 Choral Risers      
01/27/2017 All Aluminum Elevated Welded Angle Bleachers     Bid Minutes
02/01/2017 ADDENDUM 1 All Aluminum Elevated Welded Angle Bleachers With Or Without Installation      
01/27/2017 Insurance for Sumner County Emergency Management Agency      
01/27/2017 Oak Grove EMS HVAC Improvement Project     Bid Minutes
01/27/2017 Lawn Care & Landscaping for Sumner County     Bid Minutes
02/06/2017 Insurance (Accident & Sickness Benefits ( Sumner County Emergency Management Agency      
02/06/2017 Hardware Maintenance Contract for Sumner County Finance Department     Bid Minutes
02/06/2017 Sumner Co Sheriff's Office Food,Kitchen,Custodial ,Print Form Supplies      
02/10/2017 ADDENDUM Sumner Co Sheriff's Office Food,Kitchen Custodial,Print Form Supplies      
02/13/2017 Madison Creek Elementary HVAC      
02/13/2017 Beech Elementary School HVAC      
02/13/2017 Band Uniforms for GHS     Bid Minutes
02/17/2017 Playground Equipment #02 ADDENDUM #1-VOID      
03/02/2017 PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT ADDENDUM #02      Bid Minutes/Award
02/17/2017 Construction of Subsurface Sewage Disposal System/new reconstructed curtain drain repair LPL      
02/17/2017 Halo Turf for Baseball Field (Sumner County School)      
02/17/2017 Weight Room Equipment      
02/27/2017 Multi-Site IP based consolidated County Wide Dispatch Cionsole System, Supervisory Control & Data Aquisition (SCADA) System(EMA)      
06/06/2017 Purifier *Logic* Biohazard Safety Enclosure, 3ft. with Stand      
03/12/2017 Trash Liners      
03/12/2017 Sanitizer / Disinfectant      
03/12/2017 Fencing Project @ Beech High School     Bid Minutes
03/12/2017 Fencing Project @ Merrol Hyde Magnet School03/12/2017     Bid Minutes
03/12/2017 A/V Project for Sumner County-  Correction to specification      Bid Minutes
03/16/2017 ADDENDUM #1 Scoreboards( Softball-Baseball-Soccer)      
03/16/2017 ADDENDUM # 2 ( Scoreboards (Softball -Baseball)      
03/12/2017 Scoreboards( Softball-Baseball- Scoccer)     Bid Minutes
03/20/2017 Re-Bid Construction of Subsurface Sewage Disposal System/New Const Curtain Drain System      
03/20/2017 RE-BID Weight Room Equipment     Bid Minutes
03/20/2017 Vison Board Gallatin High School                 Bid Minutes
03/20/2017 Portable Relocation      Bid Minutes
03/20/2017 HHS Press Box Renovation – VOID – SEE UPDATED INVITATION      
03/27/2017 Communication Tower (Sumner Co Emergency Communication Center )      
03/27/2017 Auction Services for Personal Property Due 4/19/17 12:00 p.m.      
04/3/2017 Question & Answers to Auction Services for Personal Property Void See Updatded Below      
04/13/2017 Question & Answers to Auction Services for Personal Property      
03/27/2017 (2) Two New Service Trucks (Due Date 04/11/17 9:00 a.m.     Bid Minutes
03/27/2017 Waste Disposal Service for Sumner Co Schools/Office Buildings Due Date 04/18/17 9:00 a.m.      Bid Minutes
03/29/2017 Play Field Construction at Merrol Hyde Magnet School Due April 13,2017 10:00 a.m. Local time      
04/06/2017 HHS Press Box Renovation UPDATED 2017.04.05      
04/10/2017 Office Supplies for Sumner Co Sheriff's Office Due 04/25/2017 10:00 a.m.      
04/10/2017 Portland High School Soccer Field and Irrigation due April 25,2017 9:00a.m. local time      
04/10/2017 Ellis Middle School HVAC Replacement Due April 26,2017 1:30 p.m. Local Time  VOID See Updated Invitation)      
04/10/2017 Ellis Middle School HVAC UPDATED Due April 23,2017 1:30 p.m. Local Time0      
04/17/2017 Reibid Construction of Subsurface Sewage Disposal System (Reconstructed Curtain/ Repair LPL Bid Due May 2nd 2017 10:00 a.m. local time      
04/14/2017 Restroom Partition Material Bid due May 2,2017 9:00 a.m. local time      

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