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     Opening / Results
   Copy Paper  Bid Spreedsheet - Copy Paper
   Thermostats Bid  Bid Minutes - Thermostats
   Field Lighting and Poles BHS & SCH  Pre-Bid Attendance Sheet
 12/2/11  Addendum Concrete Poles & Field Lights  
   Computer System  Bid Minutes
   RFP - Construction Management  Bid Minutes
   Elevator and Chair Lift Service  Bid Minutes
   Fire Extinguisher Service  Bid minutes
1/12/12  RFP - Privitization of Custodial Services - revised  RFP Pricing - Custodial Services
   Yearbook WHH  Bid Minutes
   Long Distance Service  
 2/13/12  Addendum - Long Distance Service  
 2/20/12  Addendum #2 - Long Distance Service  
   Mobile Hardware & Services  
 2/13/12  Addendum - Mobile Hardware Services  
   Cafeteria Tables  Bid Tabulations
 1/23/12  Addendum - Cafeteria Tables  
   Classroom Furniture  Bid Tabulations
   Greenhouse @ UES  Bid Minutes
 1/30/12  Addendum - Greenhouse  
   SNP Kitchen Equipment  Bid Tabulations
 2/13/12  Addendum-Kitchen Equipment  
   Rebuilt Cummings Motor  
   Paperless Online Applicant Tracking System  
  RFP 2012 Employee Benefit Insurance Broker and Human Resources/Employee Benefit Technology Services  
 3/1/12 Board Response to Questions & Comments for RFP 2012 HR  
  Vena Stuart Elementary Network Upgrade  - (Site   Survey)  Bid Minutes
 2/16/12 Addendum -  Vena Stuart Network Upgrade  
 2/24/12 Addendum 2 - Vena Stuart Elementary Network Upgrade   
  Server Bid  Bid minutes
  Patio for Daycare @ VSE  
 3/19/12 Waste Disposal  
 3/19/12  Practice Football Field Reno. BHS  
 3/29/12  Restroom Partition Material - Updated  Bid Minutes
 4/2/12  3 Ton Self Contained Water Source Heap Pump  
 4/9/12  Commercial Water Heater  Bid minutes
 4/16/12   Internal Gutter Repair - Portland High School  
 4/16/12  School Buses   Bid Minutes
 4/23/12  Electrical Material Bid Minutes
3/12  HVAC - Technology Building  Bid Minutes
 5/1/12  Addendum - HVAC  
 4/23/12  Steel Joist - Technology Building  Bid Minutes
   Custodial Supplies  Bid Minutes
 5/4/12  Portable Relocation  
 5/7/12  Paint  Bid Tabulation
 5/7/12  Safety Tile & Playfill Mulch  Bid Tabulation
 5/7/12  Grinder Pump Station  Bid Minutes
 5/7/12  Ceiling Tile & Grid  Bid Tabulation
 5/7/12  Copy Paper  Bid Spreadsheet
 5/15/12  Mobile Radios  
   Addendum - Mobile Radios  
 5/15/12  Cooling Tower  Bid Tabulation
 5/31/12  Access Flooring System  
 6/18/12  Walking Track - ILE  


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