Sumner County Schools

Child-with-Teddy-BearHomeless children are defined as children who do not have fixed, regular or adequate night time residences.  Examples include the following:

  • Children sharing housing due to eviction
  • Economic hardship
  • Living in motels, travel parks, or camp grounds due to lack of accommodations
  • Emergency or transitional shelters
  • Waiting for foster care placement
  • Children with primary nighttime residence not designed or ordinarily used as sleeping accommodations for human beings
  • Children living in cars, parks, abandoned buildings or public spaces
  • Migratory children who are living in an above mentioned listing

For school enrollment immediately contact the Attendance Department at (615) 451-5424 to make a report.  Student will be immediately enrolled and parent/guardian will complete the form for free and reduced lunch and waivers.  Enrollment may not be denied or delayed due to lack of any documentation normally required.  For assistance with any Homeless Student, please contact the Attendance Department immediately.
(Policy JQB)

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