Sumner County Schools


  • Melanie Webster
    Supervisor - Attendance: McKinney/Vento Homeless Students Liaison
    Gallatin, Tennessee, USA
    Phone: (615) 451-5409
    Fax: (615) 451-5437
  • Kecia Ray
    McKinney/Vento Coordinator
    Gallatin, Tennessee, USA
    Phone: (615) 451-5444
  • Robin Sanders
    Attendance Officer
    Gallatin, Tennessee, US
    Phone: (615) 451-5436
  • Michael Moore
    Attendance Officer
    Gallatin, TN, USA
    Phone: 615-206-4030
  • Cathy Houdeshell
    Attendance Office Manager
    Gallatin, Tennessee, USA
    Phone: (615) 451-5424

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