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Every child who meets the criteria of Hearing Impaired or Deafness may be eligible to receive appropriate audiological services through the Special Education Department.  Consultative and direct services including manual and oral interpreters and classes for  hearing impaired children with trained Deaf Educators are available and determined by a child's IEP Team.  Audiological evaluations are available at the Sumner County Board of Education upon referral from Speech/Language Pathologists, medical professionals, teachers, preschool programs, and parents.  As required by law, hearing is screened in the schools in Kindergarten, first, second, fourth, and fifth grades and upon referrals by teachers.  Those who fail the screening are then evaluated by the audiologist with appropriate referrals for further treatment as needed.

Sumner County offers a variety of FM assistive listening devices for classroom use, depending upon the child's individual needs and as determined by his/her IEP Team.  These systems enable students with mild to severe hearing losses, auditory processing problems, and attention difficulties to participate more fully in the classrooms.

Hearing support staff work closely with the Speech/Language Coordinator, Speech/Language Pathologists, Special Education Coordinators, principals, teachers, and parents to ensure the most appropriate educational environment for the children.  Efforts are made to communicate with parents and connect them with agencies that can help financially with the needs of their children if needed.  An IEP Team at the school will meet on an individual basis to determine what services a student needs.

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