Sumner County Schools

Purchases from Daycare Funds

These statements were for purchases made by daycare employees for our school daycare programs. Items purchased included snacks, activity supplies and field trip expenses. School daycares are self-funded through fees paid by parents for daycare services. Per Tennessee Department of Education requirements, monies raised through daycare fees can only be used on expenses for the children served in that school’s daycare.

Kerry Daniel – Berry Patch Daycare – Nannie Berry Elementary - $379.17

Beth Gray – JAGS Little Club – Jack Anderson Elementary - $1,564.97

Marissa Scruggs – JAGS Treehouse – Jack Anderson Elementary - $2,995.10

Lisa Johnson – Union Kids Zone – Union Elementary - $1,043.50

Dava Young – Union Kids Zone- Union Elementary - $486.00

Deborah Kinzer – Gateview Club House – Portland Gateview Elementary - $770.83

Dawn Manning – Vena Stuart Superstars – Vena Stuart Elementary - $526.46

Katherine Osborne – Unity - $1,795.54

Janet Spann – Sneakers – Walton Ferry Elementary - $2,186.34

Monique Thomas – Wise Kids – Walton Ferry Elementary - $1,897.54

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