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A Community Transition Program




C reating

H ands on

O pportunities for

I ndependence

C ommunication &

E mployment

S kills for success


What is CHOICES?


This program is a joint effort between student, parents, adult service providers and the Sumner County Board of Education. The program uses a person-centered approach for the students. Their wants and needs are identified and an individualized education plan is developed by the student and their team based on the needs identified. Instructional areas include the following:

  • Independent Living

  • Vocational/Employment

  • Social/Leisure/Recreation

  • Life-long Learning Opportunities


The CHOICES program will allow students to begin experincing adult activities in the community while having the support of the school system. Students will be able to expand work hours and responsibilities, further develop independent living skills, participate in community based recreational/leisure activities of their choice, and begin establishing social relationships in the local community.

CHOICES will allow the student to explore options and begin trying out his/her vison for their life as a young adult. It will also allow the student and their family to further develop linkages with adult service providers and to encourage interagency coordination among the individual's support team.

When can a student enter the CHOICES program?


Students may enter into the CHOICES program after completing the minimum requirements for high school graduation. Upon completion of the requirements for graduation, the student may participate in a social commencement where he/she will receive a certificate of attendance. An IEP Team at the school will meet on an individual basis to determine what services a student needs.


What is the enrollment process?


Students and their families will be asked to decide whether or not they wish to participate in the CHOICES Program during the fall semester of their "senior" year. This will allow the student to participate in the social commencement and allow the school to plan for staffing.




Where is CHOICES located?


The program is currently located at the Beech High School Annex. The long range goal for this program is to be housed at a location in the community.

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