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Assistive Technology (AT) provides services and/or adaptive devices to helps students compensate for a disability and/or develop skills that are essential for independent functioning at school, work, or home.   AT devices are an items, equipment, products, or systems whether acquired commercially, teacher-made, modified, or customized, that are used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of children with disabilities.  For example, some students' ability to learn, complete work, and interact with others may improve with the use of the following:

  • adapted toys;
  • switches;
  • computers;
  • amplification systems;
  • memory aids;
  • magnifiers;
  • augmentative communication devices; and
  • other adapted devices.

An AT device may be used to support students with disabilities in three main areas:

  1. Communication aid for nonverbal individuals;
  2. Sensory aid; or
  3. An aid to enable multi-physically disabled students to control their environment.

AT provides evaluation, training, and equipment for students with disabilities as determined by each child's IEP Team.  In addition, AT provides training and technical assistance for classroom teachers.

Links for Parents

The Sumner Connect site is the technology information and training hub to support Sumner County educators, students, and parents.