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Sumner County Schools Job Embedded Process

Interested in teaching, but don’t have a license? By enrolling in a job-embedded program with a college or university that we partner with, you could be teaching in the classroom while completing your coursework.

Each program offers various endorsements, depending on which TDOE-approved programs are present at the school in which you apply/accepted. Each program will include educator prep coursework teaching the candidate how to be a teacher. The university program will be responsible for applying for your teaching license. 

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Application Process

  1. Please apply for open positions in your content area with Sumner County Schools. (SCS)
  2. If you are offered a teaching position with Sumner County Schools, you must contact an educator prep program at one of the SCS partner universities.
  3. Candidates must complete the university’s application and meet all eligibility requirements of the TDOE/university program.
  4. You may not start employment with SCS until you have been awarded a teaching license in TNCOMPASS and have completed all SCS HR onboarding.

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