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Sumner County Schools Educator Preparation Program: CTE Teaching to Lead

Are you wanting to become a CTE teacher? One licensure requirement is to enroll in an Educator Prep Program (EPP) to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the classroom. If you receive an offer to be hired by a school in Sumner County as a fulltime CTE teacher of record, you are invited to apply for our program.

Requirements for Occupational CTE teachers vary but include and are not limited to relevant industry work experience, industry certifications, and approval from the Tennessee Department of Education as a CTE candidate.

Requirements for Academic CTE teachers vary but include and are not limited to a bachelor’s degree, a minimum 2.75 undergraduate GPA, and a passed Praxis exam (if degree is not sufficient).


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Application Process

  1. Please complete this non-binding Interest Survey if you want to be considered for the upcoming school year’s cohort. We will contact you with further information.
  2. APPLY for the TEACH Sumner program through the Sumner County Schools (SCS) job board.
  3. Set up program interest meeting with TEACH Sumner EPP.
  4. Complete background check process with SCS.
  5. Complete the EPP Information Form (in addition to the interest survey).
  6. You will be invited to an interview/meeting where we will go over key points of the program and complete some necessary paperwork. Please bring all the documentation that will be outlined in your invite email.
  7. If accepted into SCS EPP, you will receive a written notice of acceptance and instructions to complete your enrollment as a job embedded candidate (TNCompass information). Once you have completed all TNCompass Requirements the EPP will apply for you license and endorsement.
  8. Please apply for open positions in your content area with Sumner County Schools.
  9. You may not start employment with SCS until you have been awarded a teaching license in TNCOMPASS and have completed all SCS HR onboarding.
  10. START THE PROGRAM! See the current cohort calendar on the left for upcoming learning days and check your email regularly for more information.

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