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Textbook Purchasing and Distribution:
The Instructional Materials Center manages the county-wide distribution of student textbooks, teachers' editions, and free supplementary materials as provided by the publishers.  Each school has a textbook coordinator who serves as a liaison with the Instructional Materials Center.  Teachers should coordinate textbook needs through their Textbook Coordinators.
Textbook Adoption:
The Instructional Materials Center conducts the annual textbook adoption process for the county.  Textbooks are adopted on a 6 year rotation schedule as established by the state of Tennessee.  Teachers with more than three years experience in their subject area are eligible to serve on the various county adoption committees at the recommendation of their principals.
Student Academic Forms:
Academic forms provided by the Instructional Materials Center include computer forms for grade reports and transcripts, career portfolios, progress reports, cumulative record jackets, attendance cards, and reading and test cards.  To request academic forms please contact our office.
Out of Adoption Resources:
Textbooks and other supplementary materials that are no longer used in Sumner County schools are available for purchase in our Surplus Textbook Library.  Books are $2.00 for Sumner County residents and $3.00 for out-of-county residents.  These resources are valuable for home school families, parents wishing to provide extra academic practices for their children, and teachers who wish to supplement current resources.  Individuals may purchase a maximum of one teacher edition and three copies of each title.  We do not buy back books.

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