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Courier Service: Mail couriers will service each school location 3 times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Administrative offices will have daily courier service, see the schedule here.
Each school must have a location in the front office reception area for the mail couriers to pick up and drop off mail.
Large packages and/or multiple boxes will require a work order to be placed using School Dude. These large or multiple items will be picked up and delivered by the Inventory Technicians working in the Material Center. Items will be moved in a timely manner once a work order has been placed.
Large packages and/or multiple boxes may be placed in one location in the building that is easily accessible by the Inventory Techs.
Custodial Equipment/Supplies:  The Material Center will be responsible for the warehousing and delivery of all custodial supplies and equipment. All custodial supply requests must be made using Inventory Direct.  Any questions concerning custodial supplies and equipment should be directed to the Operations Department.
 The Material Center will also be responsible for repairs to all custodial equipment purchased by the Operations Department.  Repair requests must be made using the School Dude work order system. (can you provide a link to school dudes request page here?)

Fixed Asset Inventory:  Due to the increasing number of items needing to be added to the school system's inventory program, the Material Center will now have inventory technicians barcoding and inventorying assets throughout the school year.  If you have items that need barcodes please contact our office.
Furniture Needs:  All furniture must be requested using School Dude. Please include the quantity of items needed. If furniture is needed for elementary classrooms please include the grade to insure the correct size furniture.
 Due to a limited budget we do not always have the items requested. Please make sure the items are truly needed. Also, check throughout your building to make sure the items needed are not already at your school and not being used.
 Requests must be made by a school administrator or their designated staff.

Surplus Removal and Disposition:  All surplus pick-up requests must be made using School Dude. Surplus items that contain a SCBOE Barcode must be listed on a Surplus Pick up Form. This form must be faxed to the Material Center at the time a work order is entered.
 CTE Equipment must be listed on the appropriate form and faxed to the CTE Department and no work order is required at the time of the fax.
 Barcoded items will not be removed from the school without the proper paperwork.
 Pupil Services surplus must follow Pupil Services Guidelines.
 All items that can no longer be used in our schools will be declared surplus by the School Board and sold at action on

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