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Parent(s)/guardian(s) may submit requests to view photographs and video footage to the Assistant Director of Transportation and a time shall be arranged for viewing. The Assistant Director of Transportation or his/her designee shall be present when parent(s)/guardian(s) are provided the opportunity to review photographs and video footage. No personal cameras, cell phones, or other recording or storage devices shall be utilized to copy photographs or video.

Cameras or video cameras may be used to monitor student behavior on school buses transporting students to and from school or extracurricular activities. Photographs and video footage shall be used only to promote the order, safety, and security of students, staff, and property. These videos are preserved for a two-week period. Sumner County Schools is unable to produce bus video outside of this two-week period.

Click here to view the district policy in its entirety.

Fill out the form below to submit a request for bus video.

Your Name *Requestor's Name
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Home Address *
Email * Requestor's Email Address
Student Name *Name of Student
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Bus Number *Bus Number
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Please provide a detailed description of the incident you wish to view. Please include details that may help us identify the video footage, such as where your student normally sits (for example: front of the bus, driver side) and your student’s appearance on the day in question (for example: hair color, clothing color, backpack color.) *Description of Incident

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