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Sumner County Skills Competition

Click HERE for pictures from the event.

The Sumner County Schools Career and Technical Education department hosted its third annual Skills Competition today. High School students competed in multiple divisions including AutoCAD, Automotive, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Machining, and Welding competitions. More than 20 teachers were involved to make this a successful event for our children.

We are proud to recognize the essential role that Career and Technical Education plays in Sumner County. Thank you to Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Gallatin Police Department and Sumner County Sheriff's Office for today's help.

CTE, formerly known as vocational education, helps students gain work experience through job shadowing, on-the-job training, internships, and industry certifications. Sumner County Schools leads the state in pathways for our students! Thank you to all of our CTE teachers and Supervisor of CTE and STEM, Chase Moore! Lunch was provided by FWE Food Warming Equipment.

Congratulations to today's winners:


  • 1st - James Stubblefield (Portland HS)
  • 2nd - Kaden Street (Westmoreland HS)
  • 3rd - Charles Laux (Portland HS)


  • 1st - Luke Pitt (White House HS)
  • 2nd - Tony Jeffery (White House HS)
  • 3rd - Aidan Richardson (White House HS)


  • 1st - Alexis Grim (Portland HS)
  • 2nd - Jordan Curtis (Portland HS)
  • 3rd - Emily Finn (White House HS)

Criminal Justice (CSI)

  • 1st - Gallatin HS
  • 2nd - Beech HS
  • 3rd - Hendersonville HS

Felony Stops

  • 1st - Gallatin HS
  • 2nd - Hendersonville HS
  • 3rd - Beech HS

Field Sobriety

  • 1st - Gallatin HS
  • 2nd - Hendersonville HS
  • 3rd - Portland HS

Overall Criminal Justice

  • 1st - Gallatin HS
  • 2nd - Hendersonville HS
  • 3rd - Beech HS


  • 1st - Grace Sutton (Portland HS)
  • 2nd - Gordon Russell (Portland HS)
  • 3rd - Wyatt Harrison (Westmoreland HS)

Welding (Stick Welding)

  • 1st - Dylan Dionne (Portland HS)
  • 2nd - Brady Williams (Westmoreland HS)
  • 3rd - Logan Arnold (Portland HS)

Welding (TIG Welding)

  • 1st - Rachel Nelson (Portland HS)
  • 2nd - Garrett Bruce (Gallatin HS)
  • 3rd - Jared Courtney (Portland HS)

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