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Beech High School Students Work With Inmates

Beech High School students are playing a critical role at the Sumner County Sheriff's Office and Sumner County Jail. A 6-week DECA International project allowed students to work with inmates to help them gain vital knowledge in career readiness and resume writing to help prepare them for re-entry into society. BHS Senior, Ella Paligo; Senior, Kambria Ichikawa; and Junior, Micah Morrow were assigned to the Project Management Career Development competition. In this competition, students had to choose a group of people that could benefit from career resources.

“Our group decided to go with the Sumner County Jail, because we wanted to make a difference in our community,” BHS Senior, Ella Paligo said. “We just felt that inmates could best benefit from career resources, and that we could hopefully reduce the recidivism rate by helping the residents that are about to be released find jobs. With of all of this in mind, Operation Second Chance was born!”

The students would like to thank the DA’s Office, Sumner County Jail Administrator, Jerry Scott; Officer Holland; and teachers Mrs. Edmison and Mr. Dumas.

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