Sumner County Schools

Voluntary Pre-K Rules and Procedures

Since this is Pre-K, does my child need to attend every day?

Yes, all children enrolled in a VPre-K class are required to attend every day and those that do not attend daily will be removed from the program to allow another student on the waiting list to attend. Attendance is very important for a successful year of learning. Your child is expected to attend school EVERY DAY and ON TIME unless he/she has a temperature or is showing other symptoms of a contagious illness. Daily attendance, including tardiness/early dismissal, is reported and recorded in the school’s system and reported to the State Department of Education, just as children in grades K-12.

Is transportation provided for the Voluntary Pre-K program? My child wants to ride the school bus.

No, buses will not be provided for the 2020-21 school year.  Families will be responsible for bringing and picking up their child each day.

Is there a cost for this program?

No, there is not a weekly or monthly cost for VPre-K. There may be a cost for breakfast and lunch.  A form from the cafeteria will need to be filled out once school starts to see if your family qualifies for the free or reduced breakfast and lunch.  School supplies are also provided for your child. In addition, field trips will be provided for free for students in the Voluntary Pre-K class.

Is before/after school care available for my child?

Unfortunately, before and after school care is not available for VPre-K students at this time. 

Additional Rules and Procedures can be found in the Parent Handbook

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