Sumner County Schools

Sumner County Schools

Sumner County Schools has started its activity since 1873. It now includes 46 schools:

  • Seven regular high schools
  • Twenty-four elementary schools
  • Eleven middle schools
  • One virtual high school
  • One Middle College
  • One academic magnet school
  • One STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) elementary school
  • One alternative/zero tolerance school.

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Our mission

Our schools' mission is to deliver an excellent education to the people who understand the meaning of this. Our students usually know what they want, and they are ready to embrace a successful career.

We want our students to gain experience and leadership through high resources and quality instruction. Our teachers' way of explaining is at the highest possible level. Thus, the students can gain self-directed thinking or learning experiences.

Our mission will be accomplished through access and equity of facilities, materials, and technology for instruction.

Sumner County Schools' programs

Our schools offer a wide variety of schools, organizations, special programs for various ages and people. Sumner County Schools offers the next programs:

  • After school programs
  • School-operated before and after-school children care programs
  • Alternative Ed programs
  • Career& Technical Ed
  • Coordinated school health
  • English learners
  • Preschool
  • Safe schools. Healthy students.
  • School nurse program
  • Special education
  • Schools support organization
  • Gifted services.

In case you liked the programs we are offering, you can take a look at the locations, too. Besides this, we can also advise you to check Tennessee official site. This site will provide further info about other schools from Tennessee.

Affording good education

Students dealing with financial problems is no surprise, especially in the USA. As we all know, education in our country is far from being cheap. This is an essential reason why many students or parents do not even consider a college, a good school, or a program that will help youngsters prepare better for their academic success.

Student loans are not a thing to be afraid of anymore. Parents and students always need to get informed thoroughly.

This link offers detailed info about scholarships, grants, and loans in every state from the USA. If a scholarship does not work, then choose a grant or a loan.

Sumner County Schools has also done its part and came up with several lenders that, besides offering money for studies, also inform people about the world of loans and what financial responsibility means. These lenders are:

  1. Lending Club
  2. Direct Loans Lenders Com
  3. US Lending

You can access the websites and read more about types of loans, terms and conditions companies usually offer, and things you need to be careful about.

Start your own life independently, responsibly, and with the right school or college.

Sumner County Schools is a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers, and school communities.