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Sumner County Schools offers three programs for children ages 3-5 prior to entering kindergarten.  All early childhood classrooms follow the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards. The early childhood classroom is designed to give students a variety of learning experiences through interactions with other students or teachers, and includes many discoveries and explorations students can make on their own and with others. Children spend their day in a variety of settings, such as centers, outdoor play, and learning together in small groups.  Because young children learn through play, classrooms are designed with the young child in mind. Teachers observe and teach based on the different stages of physical, social, and academic mastery each child has shown. The early childhood classroom builds to kindergarten readiness.


Pre-kindergarten is currently located at Westmoreland Elementary.  Volunteer pre-kindergarten (VPK) is tuition free, serving students who have turned four by August 15th.  Students entering VPK are selected based on need, such as financial, English language learners, and disabilities. 

Because VPK is a grant program, Sumner County applies annually to expand the program to other schools in varying parts of the county. Student applications are always accepted for the current year, although students may be placed on the waiting list.  Applications for new students at Westmoreland Elementary will be available here in the spring (Coming Soon), and interest applications for Millersville, Gallatin, and Portland are available here. Final locations will be listed once announced by the grant in late spring. If a parent would like to request a different PreK location after final locations are announced, the parent may contact Susan Breitling to make the request.

2017-18 PreK location: Westmoreland Elementary

For more information, please contact Susan Breitling, Elementary Coordinator, PK-5

Typical Peers

Thirteen of Sumner County’s developmental preschool classes are blended classrooms where four typically developing peersare placed to serve as language and social models.  The blended preschool classroom is a structured teaching environment where children with special needs and typically developing peers learn together in a classroom that is staffed by one special education teacher and a minimum of two full-time paraprofessionals. 

The application process opens in January and closes the last week of February.  Selected applicants will be invited to a classroom observation on a Friday in March. All positions are filled in May. The typical peer application will be available here during the application window.

For more information, please visit https://sumnerschools.org/index.php/typical-peer-program and contact Laurie Phillips, Special Education PreK Coordinator

Developmental Preschool

Sumner County offers a developmental preschool for students ages 3-5 who meet Tennessee State Department of Education criteria for a developmental delay or disability.  In addition, Speech and/or Language Therapy is available at Preschool Language Centers.  These services are offered to preschool-age children who meet Tennessee State Department of Education criteria for Speech and/or Language delays.

If you suspect that your preschool age child may have a speech, language, or developmental delay, please call 615-348-4404 to make a referral.  You may also make a referral via email.

For more information, please contact Laurie Phillips, Special Education PreK Coordinator

Additional Options

Mid-Cumberland Head Start may be reached at 615-451-9804 or 615-451-0323.

Additional Sumner County child care providers can be found here.

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