Sumner County Schools

Operations Department Scope of ServicesThe following contracted and school services are provided by the Operations Department;•    Contracted mowing services for all schools

•    Dust mop rentals for all schools
•    Pest management services for all schools (repair of damages caused by pests are not included)
•    Fire extinguishers inspections. Includes service and replacement where needed
•    Sprinkler testing and inspections for all school facilities. Does not include service and repairs
•    Grease interceptor cleaning for all schools
•    Elevator and chairlift service (maintenance, inspections, and repairs except lights and phones inside elevator cars)
•    Replacement and purchase of custodial equipment for all schools
•    Purchase and inventory management of custodial cleaning supplies and school commodities. Warehousing of these supplies is provided by the Materials Center
•    Waste removal from each school (dumpster services)
•    State required boiler and pressure vessel inspections and certifications
•    Portable re-location and set-up
•    Emergency generator inspections and repairs
•    Fire Alarm Systems inspections. Repairs not included
•    Provide “Floating” custodial services for schools. The Department employs four full-time Floating Custodians that rove around the system wherever they are needed.
•    Manage Use of Facility requests from all schools

Maintenance, Operations, Technology and Transportation Departments
Larry Riggsbee Support Services Facility
1500 Airport Road
Gallatin, TN 37066

Sumner County Schools is a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers, and school communities.