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Homebound Services

Homebound instruction is for students who are unable to attend school for 2 consecutive weeks or longer due to medical or emotional needs. It is not a disciplinary placement, nor is it a place for students to make up missed work or regain missing credits. A student on Homebound will receive 3 hours per week instruction. This is completed by one 3 hour session or two 90 minute sessions.

Homebound instruction attempts to help students stay current in their class assignments while they are at home. However, it is possible that students may, in some situations, return to school still behind in their classwork because their illness prohibits them from maintaining the pace of the classroom while receiving Homebound services.


The State Department of Education guidelines state that home instruction may be provided to students when the following criteria is/are met:

  • Certification by a licensed physician that the student is expected to be absent from school for a minimum of two consecutive weeks due a medical or emotional condition.
  • Certification by a licensed physician that the student can receive an instructional program without endangering the health of the instructor or other students with whom the instructor may come in contact.
  • Enrollment in a Sumner County school.

Pregnant Students:

Placement of pregnant students on Homebound begins with date of delivery for six consecutive weeks. For services prior to delivery and/or beyond the six consecutive weeks, the physician must certify that the student has complications that prevent school attendance.

The Referral Process:

A referral for Homebound services may be made by a parent/guardian, school personnel, or medical personnel.

The referral should be made to the Homebound office at Pupil Services (451-5414) as far in advance as possible (scheduled surgeries, pregnancies) or immediately following an illness or injury which is acute or catastrophic in nature. Information required at the time of referral includes:

  • Name of student
  • Attending school and grade
  • Date of birth
  • Home phone number/ cell phone number
  • Parent / guardian name
  • Work phone number of parent / guardian
  • Home address
  • Physician name
  • Physician phone number
  • Physician fax number

Once the referral is made, a medical form is faxed by the Homebound office to the licensed physician.

The form must be completed and signed by the doctor. The doctor certifies that the student is under his/her care and gives recommendations regarding placement on Homebound. Placement cannot be made until the form is received from the doctor via fax in the Homebound office. During the period before Homebound placement, parents are responsible for collecting assignments from the school for the student, and the student is responsible for making up all assigned work.

Homebound Placement:

Upon receipt of the medical form, the Homebound office will perform the following steps:

  • A certified teacher will be assigned to the student.
  • Parent will be contacted via phone call regarding placement.
  • The attendance clerk and guidance counselor will be notified that the student is on Homebound and given an activation date.
  • Teachers will receive forms notifying them of the placement on Homebound and requesting their recommendations for material to be covered and grading procedures. When possible, two days’ notice will be given to teachers to assemble assignments.

Homebound Services:

Once Homebound services begin, there must be a responsible adult (18 or older) present at all times. Parents are responsible for the student’s behavior during the Homebound instructional time. If the home setting is not conducive to learning, or the teacher is threatened, an alternative site for instruction may be necessary. Students are expected to adhere to the same School Board Policies as if they were attending school.

Employment for students is prohibited while on Homebound.

The doctor recommends Homebound services for a student who is unable to attend school due to serious illness or injury. Therefore, a student, while placed on Homebound, should not return to the school for any reason, including extra-curricular activities (ex: ballgames, proms, banquets) unless approved by the Homebound staff and school personnel.


The student’s presence at the scheduled time for Homebound instruction is mandatory. Excessive absences will be reported to the Attendance Department at Central Office.

Exit Dates:

The projected exit date from Homebound services will be determined from the doctor’s medical form. If Homebound services are needed beyond the original exit date, parents must request that the Homebound office fax another medical form to the physician. All Homebound services end at the close of the school year. If a student’s condition necessitates Homebound services again at the beginning of the next school year, then the Homebound process must begin anew at that time.

Any outstanding or unfinished work remaining after Homebound services end, becomes the student’s responsibility.

Grades earned by student while on Homebound will be reported to the teacher/guidance counselor when the student returns to school or/and at the end of each reporting period.

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