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Two Sumner County Schools Employees Receive Awards

 Nancy Lawson

Sumner County Schools is pleased to announce that Nurse Clinical Team Leader Nancy Lawson has received the Lifetime Achievement award by the 2021 Sumner County Health Committee. Lawson served the Sumner County School district for 22 years and was instrumental in writing the Coordinated School Health grant. She was also a CPR and School Emergency Team (SET) instructor and was dedicated to the district wide AED program, ensuring each school had the same equipment.

"Nancy is an angel, ninja, rockstar, and compassionate caregiver," Coordinated School Health Coordinator Janel Garrett said. "I wish that I could come up with quantifiable data to present a picture of the number of students she has touched over the years. I have no doubt that countless lives have been forever changed because of her love, intervention, and dedication."

Award criteria states that nominees should be responsible for advancing the health of the community through their actions by mobilizing individuals, resources, and organization to tackle a community health issue as well as develop new services or support to improve the health of a specific population and increase the level of awareness of an important health issue in Sumner County.

Lawson recently retired from SCS, and we wish her the best.



Sumner County Schools is pleased to announce that Ellis Middle School Teacher Lawson Watson has received the Community Health Leadership award by the 2021 Sumner County Health Committee.

Throughout his tenure, Watson has been a powerful and positive influence to Sumner County students as a coach for Hendersonville High School Football, baseball, middle school football and basketball. On top of coaching and teaching, he also leads Fellowship of Christian Athletes with an average attendance of 70 – 100 students.

"Coach Watson is a model for us all. He sets the bar high, engages all students, and creates a passion within the students/athletes that he serves for each other and the goals that they set out to achieve," Ellis Middle School Principal Adam Cripps said. "Ellis Middle School could not be the exceptional school that it is without him."

During the COVID lockdown, Watson was committed to keeping his students active and engaged. Watson came up with a plan to send out daily video challenges for students and their families. His goal was to stay relevant with the kids and keep them engaged.

"I honestly had my mind going one night in bed; I got up and wrote several ideas down. I wanted to do a variety of things to meet multiple interests and try to get families who were all home together involved," Ellis Middle School Teacher Lawson Watson said. "As we kept going, we got better with the videos. My family had a great time helping and coming up with ideas too.”

Some of the challenges included 3 point basketball, biking, push up, final step, jumprope, ab challenges, as well as a throwing contest, dance-off, and even a virtual “horse” challenge. These videos were instrumental in encouraging his students and their families to continue moving through physical activity while having a blast!

"Lawson is a dedicated leader to all Sumner County physical education teachers," Coordinated School Health Coordinator Janel Garrett said. "He models by example, with passion, and dedication to instill a lifetime love for a healthy lifestyle and the vital importance of physical activity."

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