Sumner County Schools


As you know, COVID-19 has brought about an extended school closure and a number of changes to our school year.  We wanted to provide you with some current updates regarding instruction.

  • Elementary & Middle School Support
    We know that many of you now find yourselves working with your students.  Our Instruction Department will be working with our principals, teachers, and lead educators to provide enrichment activities and resources for you.
  • High School Dual Enrollment Courses
    All dual enrollment courses are now online and will resume on Monday, March 22nd.  If you have issues regarding access to a device or the internet, please email/contact your high school principal.  Information for VSCC Dual Enrollment Courses
    Students may not come to campus. If you have a problem with eLearn, you may reach out via email at 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you may call (615) 230-3665.  If you have trouble logging in, please reach out to the VSCC IT help desk at 615-230-3302.  Please check your VSCC email twice a day. 

Information for Welch College Dual Enrollment Courses

Please check your Welch College email twice daily for current information.  Check your syllabus for assignment due dates and directions.  Stay in touch with your instructor.  

  • ACT/AP Tests
    The March 31st schoolwide junior ACT has been postponed and will be rescheduled for later in the spring.  The College Board cancelled the April 4th ACT nationwide.  Please check the College Board website for the most current information.The College Board just released free remote learning resources for AP students.  They also made an official announcement today that all AP testing this year will be online.  We will continue to share information as it becomes available.
  • Ongoing Coursework
    At the moment, we are exploring options for instruction during our current school closure.  Our instruction department is working to put together resources for parents providing instruction at home.  These resources are completely optional and will not be scored or graded by teachers.  We will provide links to top-notch educational resources.  We will also try to share specific enrichment activities over the course of the closure.  
  • Internet Access
    We are working to find ways to help students without devices access computers and high speed internet. We will push out more information in the next week regarding how to borrow devices.We do not endorse any cable/wifi company, but several vendors are offering free/reduced price access options during COVID-19 related closures.  Please visit https://www.everyoneon.org/find-offers to find offers in your zip code.  
  • Meals for Students
    We are offering breakfast and lunch at 12 schools across the county.  The meals are free to all children under the age of 18, who must be present to receive the meal.  Please visit our website for current information about times and locations.

We will continue to provide updates to give you the most current information.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

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