Sumner County Schools

grad 2014

Graduation Dates 2020




Thursday, May 14th

White House High School –  7:00 pm at Long Hollow

Friday, May 15th 

Hendersonville High School – 6:00 pm at Hendersonville High School

Station Camp High School – 6:30 pm at Long Hollow

EB Wilson Virtual High School – 6:30 pm at Central Office Gym

Gallatin High School – 7:00 pm at Gallatin High School Gym

Saturday, May 16th 

Westmoreland High School – 9:00 am at Westmoreland High School

Middle Technical College High School at Portland -10:00 am at Portland High School Auditorium

Portland High School – 10:00 am at Long Hollow 

Middle College High School at Vol State – 1:00 pm at Vol State’s Caudill Hall

Beech High School – 6:00 pm at Long Hollow

Merrol Hyde Magnet School – 7:00 pm at Merrol Hyde Magnet School Main Gym

Sumner County Schools is a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers, and school communities.