Sumner County Schools

BHS Space Race

Bragging rights and a cash prize are on the line for some Sumner County High School students. A challenge has been issued to students at Beech High School. Their mission, which they have accepted, is to build a rover from scratch that must travel the space between Mr. Harris’s classroom, down the hall, into Mr. Roberts’s classroom, retrieve an object and return it safely with 2 astronauts on board. Students are not allowed to accompany the vehicle or assist any way other than by remote control and the driver must stay in Mr. Harris’s classroom the entire time.

This challenge, aka BHS Challenge, came to fruition after Digital Design and Imaging Teacher Albert Roberts received a new neighbor, Engineering Teacher Josh Harris. The mission has been a collaboration between ‘worlds’, with the engineers and the designers working to create teams, logos, vehicles and even videos to communicate with one another. Mr. Roberts says the idea is in the Spirit of Space X, which offers a significant cash prize and he is donating $100 of his own money to the winner! Both teachers say, this challenge has forced students to overcome obstacles and use their critical thinking skills to overcome any problems they face.

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