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Middle School Academic Teams Complete Fourth Regular Season and County Tournament Play

Sumner County Academic League for Middle Schools held their fourth annual tournament at Gallatin High School Saturday, February 2nd. The 18 team league was made up of teams from T.W. Hunter, Westmoreland, Hawkins, Shafer, Rucker-Stewart, Merrol Hyde, Station Camp, Portland East and Portland West Middle Schools. These schools played in a 15 game regular season that had the A team from Merrol Hyde Magnet School completing a perfect 15-0 regular season. 

The county championship was also won by Merrol Hyde’s A team, who completed the tournament with a 7-0 record for the day. Second place honors was awarded to the A team from Station Camp Middle School. Third place went to Westmoreland’s A team.

Congratulations to the following students for making the All-County Team:

  • From Rucker-Stewart: Hunter Jones, Esteban Aguilar and Gareth Turner
  • From Merrol Hyde: Ben Huff and James Han
  • From Shafer: Brooke Swallows and Jarley Granados
  • From Hunter: Lizzy Alvis and Renee Zhuang
  • From Westmoreland: Jacob Smith and Tayleigha Graham
  • From Portland West: Deacon Moore, Kyle Groves and Hannah Cecil
  • From Hawkins: Lorelei Stadler
  • From Station Camp: Victoria York and Grace Longmire
  • From Portland East: Owen Hankemeier

Most Improved Players during the tournament:

  • Rucker-Stewart: Camden Chenoweth
  • Merrol Hyde: Colin Francel
  • Shafer: Jasper Burt
  • Hunter: Graham Huffine 
  • Westmoreland: Corban Hurst
  • Portland West: Logan Barger
  • Hawkins: Kara Antonine
  • Station Camp: Stephen Linton Beck
  • Portland East: Claire Cole

You can read the full press release here.

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