Sumner County Schools

2017 Graduation Ceremonies Dates, Times, and Locations

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In the event that the district uses its allocated snow days, these dates may change.
White House High School  Thursday, May 18th , 7:00 pm at Long Hollow

Hendersonville High School  Friday, May 19th , 6:00 pm at Hendersonville High School
Station Camp High School  Friday, May 19th , 6:30 pm at Long Hollow
Gallatin High School  Friday, May 19th , 7:00 pm at Gallatin High School

Westmoreland High School  Saturday, May 20th , 9:00 am at Westmoreland High School
Portland High School   Saturday, May 20th , 10:00 am at Long Hollow 
Middle Technical College High School at Portland Saturday, May 20th, 10:00 am at Portland High School
EB Wilson Virtual High School  Saturday, May 20th, 11:00 am at Gallatin High School
Middle College High School at Vol State  Saturday, May 20th , 1:00 pm at Vol State’s Caudill Hall
Beech High School  Saturday, May 20th , 6:00 pm at Long Hollow
Merrol Hyde Magnet School  Saturday, May 20th , 7:00 pm at Merrol Hyde Magnet School

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