Sumner County Schools

General Purpose P-Card Purchases

These statements were from employees using General Purpose Budget funds. Our General Purpose Budget is funded by a combination of state revenue and county revenue through property and sales tax. The flagged purchases represent the purchases of classroom instructional supplies, routine training for employees and other routine district purchases.

Jenny Martin – Pupil Services - $38.97

Holly Adkins – Pupil Services - $1,538.60

Christie Hunter – Finance Department - $512.00

On March 10, 2014, Kurt Riley representing Sumner United for Responsible Government (SURG) filed an Open Records Request with our office to “review and inspect any and all credit card statements for all employees, elected officials, and other personnel from July 2013 to current.” View Mr. Riley’s March 10, 2014 request here.

The Sumner County School District uses government purchase cards also called “P-cards” to make routine district purchases. P-cards differ from traditional credit cards as they allow Sumner County Schools (SCS) to place restrictions on where and how P-cards can be used for purchases. All P-card balances are paid in full at the end of each month. Employees are required to keep and submit all receipts of purchases. P-card statements and all supporting documentation must be reviewed and approved by the employee, the employee’s immediate supervisor and/or department head. All P-card purchases are then reviewed by our Accounts Payable Department. Any statement with activity over $500 is additionally reviewed by an accountant in the Finance Department. View the SCS “Commercial Card Program Policies and Procedures Guide” here. Every employee who is issued a P-card is required to review this guide and sign a statement acknowledging that they have read the guide in full and will adhere to its policies. Only SCS employees who need to make routine purchases as part of their job function are issued P-cards. No elected official has access to a SCS P-card.

Mr. Riley visited the Central Office on March 20, 2014 to inspect and review the requested documents. He chose to review the statements from July 2013 and August 2013 during that visit. Mr. Riley flagged and requested additional documentation for 17 employee P-card statements from those specified months. View Mr. Riley’s March 20, 2014 request here.

Of those 17 statements and documented receipts:

The side menu links include the supporting documentation for Mr. Riley’s request, as well as further explanation of the funding sources and how these items are used within our district. We encourage everyone to review these pages and their links to the supporting documentation for each purchased item to further understand how they are used within our school system.  We felt like it was important for all citizens to have access to this information.

A Rich History in Sumner County

Sumner County Schools has been in operation since 1873. Our district currently has 49 schools in operation including 1 Middle College High School, 1 Middle Technical College High School, 7 regular high schools, 1 virtual high school, 11 middle schools, 24 elementary schools, 2 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) elementary schools, 1 academic magnet school and 1 alternative/zero tolerance school.

A Lifelong Mission

Sumner County Schools commits to growing learners who are college and career ready through quality instruction, effective use of resources, building a collaborative culture, and strong leadership.

School Boundary Maps are informational only and are subject to change without notice.  Errors and omissions will be corrected as required.  

To display the School Boundary Map for a particular school, please click on the school name below.

Elementary School Boundaries

School City
All Elementary Schools  
Beech Elementary School Hendersonville
Benny Bills Elementary School Gallatin
Bethpage Elementary School Bethpage
Clyde Riggs Elementary School Portland
Gene Brown Elementary School Hendersonville
George Whitten Elementary School Hendersonville
Guild Elementary School Gallatin
Harold Williams Elementary School White House
Howard Elementary School Gallatin
Indian Lake Elementary School Hendersonville
J.W. Wiseman Elementary School Portland
Jack Anderson Elementary School Hendersonville
Lakeside Park Elementary School Hendersonville
Madison Creek Elementary School Goodlettsville
Millersville Elementary School Millersville
Nannie Berry Elementary School Hendersonville
North Sumner Elementary School Bethpage
Oakmont Elementary School Cottontown
Portland Gateview Elementary School Portland
Station Camp Elementary School Gallatin
Vena Stuart Elementary School Gallatin
Walton Ferry Elementary School Hendersonville
Watt Hardison Elementary School Portland
Westmoreland Elementary School Westmoreland
William Burrus Elementary Hendersonville

Middle School Boundaries

School City
All Middle Schools  
Ellis Middle School Hendersonville
Hawkins Middle School Hendersonville
Hunter Middle School Hendersonville
Knox Doss Middle at Drakes Creek Hendersonville
Portland East Middle Portland
Portland West Middle Portland
Rucker Stewart Middle School Gallatin
Shafer Middle School Gallatin
Station Camp Middle Gallatin
Westmoreland Middle School Westmoreland
White House Middle School White House

High Schools Boundaries

School City
All High Schools  
Beech High School Hendersonville
Gallatin High School Gallatin
Hendersonville High School Hendersonville
Portland High School Portland
Station Camp High School Gallatin
Westmoreland High School Westmoreland
White House High School White House

Sumner County Schools is a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers, and school communities.